Many years ago I was born in Montreal, Canada. I was married and raised my children in Southern California. I now live in a small Gold Rush town, Nevada City, in Northern California. I'm a retired Registered Nurse and have been involved in Community Theater for several years, painting sets and writing and producing plays. 

I began dramatizing at age 9 while attending a boarding school in rural Quebec. This was a pre-television era when we were left alone at unscheduled times to entertain ourselves. I loved the experience of ordering my friends around…telling them what to say and do in my plays!” She continues to gather dramatic material and create plays, hoping that one of them will succeed in being produced. But she doesn’t expect anything to come close to having “Sonja Weissman and the Miracle Play” produced for the second time with such enthusiasm and dedication from all involved.

I am also an oil and pastel painter and have been fortunate to attend workshops given by Peggy Kroll Roberts, Sally Strand, Carol Marine, Catherine Kehoe, Randy Sexton and, most recently, Milt Kobayashi.

In April 21-24, 2016 I will be a delegate at the Forum on Educational Theater at NYU. Along with Dinah Smith, Director, we will be giving a workshop on the writing and production of Sonja Weissman and the Miracle Play, which was produced in Grass Valley, CA December 2013 and 2014 at Off Center Stage (Center for the Arts).